Lab 3 – Management

The workplace of the future is a place where personal development and freedom with responsibility are top priorities for the Millennial generation, which is about to redefine work life and management of employees. In our 3rd workshop we have studied Millennials’ expectations and requirements for workflows and professional self-development.

Requirements for the workplace
Self-development was one of the very big headlines for our third Millennial Lab workshop on working life and management of Millennials. Millennials expect their skills to be utilised. They are expected to be used for what they are good at and not necessarily what the company needs. For Millennials it goes without saying that as new in the workplace, you are listened to and assigned responsibility. Millennials consider classical hierarchies in the workplace as something that belongs to the past. It is a generation that has grown up with being pampered and told that each one of them are special and significant. This can also be analysed in our survey, where 60% expect to be recruited for their next job. Most of our workshop participants agreed that they were a spoiled generation. But here it is important to keep in mind that the generations that have given them this stamp are the same that have spoiled them.

Freelance, freedom and flexibility
Millennials have grown up with more opportunities than any previous generation. In their childhood and youth they have been activated and have had all options to choose from. That, they also expect at the workplace.
If they are unhappy or bored, they will just find something else that is more interesting.

“I want to be able to develop and I want the opportunity to change tracks, whenever I want and wherever I want.”

As the quote says, a flexible workplace is closely linked to the freedom to work on their own terms. Our participants could tell that the choice of workplace does not happen on the basis of a nice talk about values. On the contrary, it is the working environment and the working culture, which is weighted the highest.

Future labor market
Today, more employers are experiencing increasing pressure in terms of flexibility and renewal of the way people think about working life. Our workshop participants are aware of what it takes to achieve high ambitions, but the way they do it they want to decide themselves. Routines are passé, they want sparring and coaching instead. Of course, the pending debate on work-life balance has also evoked thoughts in the minds of our participants. But instead of thinking about 30-hour working week and 3-day weekends, the solution seems to be a greater fusion of private and working life and again, greater freedom for the individual. If the solution for a richer life with happier employees is flexiility and coaching, we can not say yet. One thing is what one wants, anohter thing is what happens when the Millennial Generation also gets house, garden and a family dog.