Millennials are becoming increasingly influential in today’s society, and many of their attitudes and preferences mark

a departure from those of past generations. It is therefore important for any brand to cultivate the millennial mindset.

At Saatchi & Saatchi we build connections between people, brands and services. Insights and creativity is key to creating

emotional and long lasting relationships. We call them Lovemarks. We specialise in the Millennial generation and our

insights are a combination of extensive research in the forms of important studies and our own lab which is essential

to our work as it gives us the ability to go directly into the minds of the generation. On this site you can read more

about Millennials and keep yourself updated on today’s most important generation yet.


Soon Millennials will be the most important generation. Their beliefs, values, consumption and choices are significant

different than others. This is why we at Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen started the Millennial Lab. Based on  qualitative

research and workshops we get valuable knowledge and deep insights, which we use making great strategic and creative

work for our clients. For more Millennial info just surf the Lab or get in touch.



Want to share your views on interesting topics like sustainability, education, job, future tech and social media? Join the Saatchi Millennial Lab, which is our insight lab about you and your generation soon to be the most influential generation. We get together approx. three times a year to talk, listen and share views, thoughts and insights. Are you age 18-35? Then you are a Millennial and can join us at the next Millennial Lab. Hope to see you.

JOIN OUR NEXT LAB: Social model – December 6/12, 2018

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